Mahatma Gandhi University Transcript

Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam

Mahatma Gandhi University is a primary educational institution that tries to accomplish the higher educational requirements of the people from  Kerala, Kottayam. The Institution offers many Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M Phil and Doctoral programmes through seventeen University Departments, one International and Inter University Centre, seven Inter University Centres, ten Inter School Centres, seven Govt./Aided Affiliated Colleges, ten Autonomous Colleges, two hundred Unaided Affiliated Colleges. It instructs education in various disciplines of Science, Humanities, Social Science and also disciplines like Engineering, Law, Pedagogy, Pharmacy and Nursing.

What Strobe Transcript  Provides?

University Transcript

Strobe Transcripts co-ordinates with Mahatma Gandhi University for getting  transcript for WES, ICAS, IQAS, PEBC and those who are aspiring for Higher Education or Immigration to foreign countries like USA, Canada, Australia ,China, Singapore etc.

How to Obtain a Transcript from Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam (MG University Kottayam Kerala)

For obtaining a university transcript from Mahatma Gandhi University, only you have to do is to connect with Strobe Transcript. Strobe Transcript is one of the leading transcript agencies in Kerala India. We are here to help you with your university transcript procedures and to obtain documents from the concerned universities. We stand between you and the university as a holding hand helps to reduce your tensions lying behind university procedures. When you shake hands with Strobe transcript, we will take over everything from that moment and helps you for availing transcript from university for WES, ICAS, IQAS and for those who dream about Higher Education or Immigration to foreign countries like Canada, USA, Australia, China etc.

What are the procedures to get a transcript from MG University Kottayam?

If you request for university transcript directly it will take a huge amount of stressful documentation process. But if you connect with Strobe Transcript, we will take over the stress from you. This will save your tensions and your time. We have dedicated teams for handling documentation. Only thing you have to do is

  1. Place a Request: The first thing you have to do is to place a request on Strobe transcript for your university transcript along with the personal and academic documents. This will turn on our service towards you and we will start verifying the documents.
  2. Process Initiation: After all verification process, The Strobe transcript team makes the request on the university on behalf of you. We will conduct all the procedures that have to be done in the university. When it goes through our hands, it makes you easy to complete

the University transcript in limited time.

  1. Process Completion: The transcript certificate will be delivered to you at the given address. This will take minimum 20 days to 25 days. Sometimes it will get even before it depending upon the university. Processing time of universities will be different.

We the Strobe transcripts has a policy, we make the processing and leave it to the concerned Universities within 2 or 3 days, if all necessary documents are submitted from the client side.


What are the documents needed to get University transcript from MG University?

The below documents are required to be submitted to get the transcript from university.

  1. Application form for transcript.
  2. Xerox of all year or semester mark sheets and Degree certificate (Front and Back).
  3. Attested copy of SSLC Certificate
  4. Filled application form
  5. Print of payment receipt    


What you mean by official transcript?

The Official transcript contains the signature of an official, who represents the authority of the issuing institution, has seal of the institution and send to via authorized envelope of the institution itself.

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